Gasfield Free communities

This strategy works best when it has coherence, to grow the social movement.

If you live INSIDE the Northern Rivers, contact Ruth Harlow She can provide the essential resource kit.

If you live OUTSIDE the Northern Rivers and want information on this strategy go to the Lock The Gate page Go Mining Free, and also email

What are Gasfield Free Communities?

All over the Northern Rivers, communities are taking charge of their destiny via this grass-roots process. They conduct a thorough survey of people in their locality, asking “Do you want your neighbourhood Gasfield Free?” After reaching majority decision, they declare themselves Gasfield Free. Citizens then put up Gasfield Free Road Signs and present Declarations to their Mayor.  It is important to note that these Declarations are not ‘petitions’. It’s a community’s Declaration of intent to defend themselves from an invasive, reckless industry.

The strategy was piloted in The Channon, then spread fast. At last count, 128 Northern Rivers communities have Declared themselves Gasfield Free, with an average YES response of 95% (>29,000 respondents). When we compare these community surveys to results at rural booths in the Lismore City Council referendum question  (87% don’t want CSG), we see that the grass-roots surveys are an accurate representation of community opinion.

How it started

At a meeting in The Channon,  residents saw a film, then voted overwhelmingly to make their roads and lands Gasfield Free. The meeting formed working groups to survey each household. Outcomes were astonishing. Of 432 respondents, a whopping 429 said YES to making their roads CSG-free (99.3%). The community’s initiative is shown in The People vs CSG: the Birth of CSG Free Communities, and the process described further in this speech by Annie Kia.


What’s my first step to get my community Gasfield Free?

You will need to contact your Coordinator to discuss your project, and get the resource kit. This is essential.

  • If you are in the Northern Rivers, please contact  Ruth Harlow for the kit of GFC support materials
  • If you are from another region go to the Lock The Gate webpage Go Mining Free and make contact via

Road Signs are not useful unless there’s a strong community willing to defend itself. Genuine community engagement is essential. The Guide for Gasfield Free Communities provides guidance on how to achieve this.

Don’t forget that Declaring your Road is just the first step in defending our  region. It’s Stage 1. The government is intent on gasfields. Road signs are an ideal start but we need to pull together to deal with this regional emergency. Stage 2 is how we organise in local groups and join together in a powerful social movement.

1 Get started – learn about how to do this

2 Tell us your outcomes  – this is essential

3 Send your message – maximise political impact

4 Organise for action – after you have gone Gasfield Free, it’s time to grow an effective local Stage 2 group






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