1 Get started

If you live in the Northern Rivers, contact the Gasfield Free Community Coordinator, Ruth Harlow before you get started: ruth.harlow@yahoo.com.au

Do this process with your whole community

We’ve noticed that when people do this with their whole community (rather than just an individual road) there is much more community engagement.

  • Ruth can provide the Gasfield Free Communities resource kit. This contains the survey itself, spreadsheets, and templates for a meeting plan, survey tip sheets, flyers etc.
  • You can right-click and download the  Guide for Gasfield Free Communities Northern Rivers
  • Form a Seed Group of interested people. This is essential. Find keen people via your networks.
  • Decide on a small-scale project that can be finished in 1 month…a short, sharp survey process. Small rural communities are ideal.
  • Make sure you enable others to take active roles. This is important. Help them find the ‘thing they can do” (make road signs, fundraising, cakes etc).
  • Promote the meeting locally through networks, flyers. Roadside signs are very effective & cheap. Remember this meeting is for local people, not an information meeting for everyone in the region.
  • The Meeting Plan template in the resource kit will help you have a successful meeting and survey process.
  • Gather resources in advance (the survey Resource Kit + LTG signs, DVDs)
  • In the Northern Rivers we show Fractured Country. We finish with some inspiration The People vs CSG: the Birth of CSG Free Communities  or A Special Thankyou.
  • Use the spreadsheet provided to record survey outcomes.
  • If the survey shows majority decision to make the road Gasfield Free, arrange to put up your road signs, then celebrate.



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