3 Send your message!

Invite media to your celebration event.

Present your Mayor with your Gasfield Free Road Declaration...ask them to keep these Declarations in their Mayoral office. Celebrate. Take photos. Broadcast your success in Facebook and Twitter.

Write a letter to Premier Mike Baird. Make it clear the letter is being cc’d to every NSW parliamentarian.

The Premier, Mike Baird MP, GPO Box 5341, SYDNEY NSW 2001

Road Coordinator. Explain that people on your road have, by majority decision, declared your road Gasfield Free. Embed a photo of people with the road sign in the letter so it has a personal, local touch. Tell the Premier why you reject Unconventional Gas Mining. Say that you want the Mining Licences cancelled in the entire Northern Rivers. Right-click to download this Sample road letter

Locality coordinator. Give the survey outcomes for your locality, number of respondents, numbers Yes, No, Not Sure, and the percentage that want to close their roads and lands to unconventional gas mining. Include a photo of residents with a local Gasfield Free road sign or banner. Tell the Premier why you reject Unconventional Gas Mining. Say that you want all Exploration Mining Licences for unconventional gas extraction revoked in the entire Northern Rivers. Right-click to download this 2-page Sample community letter

Now maximise the impact of your signed letter by scanning an electronic pdf copy of your letter to the Premier. Send copies to every state parliamentarianSend these CC copies by email.

Consider sending copies of these letters to other regional leaders.




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