Further Reading

If you are interested in learning more about unconventional gas and mining, these books, research papers, parliamentary reports and scientific studies provide an opportunity to consider a more in-depth analysis of some key associated issues.


  • Rich Land, Wasteland by Sharyn Munro: For nearly a year Sharyn Munro travelled through rural Australia, visiting communities in coal-mining areas. She found a war zone.
  • The Activists’ Handbook by Aidan Ricketts: A powerful guide to grassroots activism. Providing all essential practical tools, methods and strategies needed for a successful campaign and extensively discussing legal and ethical issues, this book empowers its readers to effectively promote their cause.
  • Too Much Luck by Paul Cleary: Paul Cleary shows how the resource boom, which seems a blessing, could well become a curse.
  • Mine-Field by Paul Cleary: Paul Cleary counts the true cost of Australia’s mineral addiction.
  • What the Frack? by Paddy Manning: Journalist Paddy Manning unpicks the coal seam gas extraction story, visiting drill sites, boardrooms, pipelines, parliamentary offices and angry farm gate protests. It seems that coal seam gas extraction may be one boom that’s happening too fast.

Parliamentary Reports


The Precautionary Principle


Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)

Fugitive Emissions


Clean Renewable Energy

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