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Media Update: Metgasco ruling represents a procedural victory only

The ruling from the Supreme Court on the Metgasco court case is now available for viewing here. In making the ruling Justice Button noted that while the suspension process undertaken by government was not lawful, the judgement in no way reflects the merits or otherwise of the suspension itself. He notes:

“…the evidence shows that the events leading up to the two decisions were not free of controversy, especially in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. In those circumstances, I consider it appropriate to emphasise that it is no part of my function to assess the desirability of any of the activities of Metgasco, or the desirability of the suspension of any of those activities. All that I am being asked to do, and all that I am empowered to do, is to determine the lawfulness or unlawfulness of the decisions made by the Delegate.”

Gasfield Free spokesperson Dean Draper said: “It is important to realise that this is only a technical and procedural victory for Metgasco, it does not mean that the suspension was not warranted – just that it was not carried out properly.”

” Lack of consultation has been the hallmark of Metgasco’s operations in the Northern Rivers for many years and our community will continue to pressure government to implement legitimate measures to stop this industry from going ahead here.”
(Emphasis added)

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