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MR: NSW gas plan fails Northern Rivers Community

The NSW Gas Plan does not address community concerns on coal seam gas mining and ignores recommendations by the Chief Scientist, according to Gasfield Free Northern Rivers.

The plan fails to consider that the people of the Northern Rivers have been loud and clear in calling for all unconventional gas licences to be cancelled. Other regions are doing the same. The plan does nothing to address that call for democracy.

“The plan doesn’t deliver on community demands. Gas mining is inappropriate for our region due to its geology, high population density and it’s incompatibility with our important agricultural and tourism industries” said Dean Draper, spokesperson for Gasfield Free Northern Rivers.

“It does nothing to protect important areas such as water catchments. There are no new protections for our water or food resources.

“There are no improved safeguards for human health in this plan. Rural families are still going to be forced to live just 200m from CSG wells.
“The plan does nothing to stop landholders and communities being forced into giving access against their will.

“The plan is based on the false assumption that there is a gas supply shortage, when It is clear that eastern Australia has large reserves of gas slated for export.

“There are plenty of options for NSW to access energy without risking our land, water and community health

“Australia as a whole has enough existing gas to supply the market. We can afford to think strategically and we can protect our food and water resources by not rushing to develop NSW reserves, it’s unnecessary. ” he said.
Don Durrant, a grazier based in Kyogle has similar concerns about the gas plan.

“It’s not good enough to say that regulations will protect us. The risk is too high and once the damage has been done it’s too late. Producing food in an industrialised zone will be unmanageable” he said.

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