Visiting your local MP

PELS in NR - Newsletter 18

Lobbying is the act of meeting, writing or phoning your local member of parliament in order to express your desire for a Gasfield Free Northern Rivers.

These actions build upon the lobbying efforts of our landholders, Gasfield Free Northern Rivers representatives and local community members who have met with our elected representatives to ask them to remove the gas licences (PELs) covering the Northern Rivers.

Below is a guide to lobbying your local member and state representatives so that you can confidently express your desire for a Gasfield Free Northern Rivers.

Who is my local member?

Your local member is determined by your State electorate. You can check this via the NSW Electoral Commission website or by knowing your electorate:

LISMORE: Thomas George, MP
55 Carrington Street LISMORE

BALLINA: Tamara Smith, MP
Phone: 02 6686 7522
Shop 1, 7 Moon Street, BALLINA

TWEED: Geoff Provest, MP
Tel: (07) 5523 4816 Fax: (07) 5523 4817
103 Minjungbal Drive, TWEED HEADS SOUTH

CLARENCE: Christopher Gulaptis, MP
P (02) 6643 1244
F (02) 6642 7574
11 Prince Street GRAFTON

Make an Appointment

Contact your local member’s office to make an appointment to meet. A member is likely to be in their electorate office when parliament is not sitting so seek an appointment as soon as possible. If your member is reluctant to meet because they are hostile to the subject of invasive gasfields, you could seek to meet them on the premise of something else you feel strongly about (such as affordable housing, health, water protection, food security etc) all of which will be impacted by gasfield industrialisation.

If your MP refuses to meet with you, politely ask the reasons why and make a note of this in the lobby register (below).

pmsTips for lobbying your MP

We’ve developed a lobbying tip sheet to assist you in confidently asking your MP to cancel PELs across the Northern Rivers.

Our Land Our Water Our Future has also collated a number of resources to assist with lobbying MPs. These resources are great for understanding some of the background and policy framework around gas and coal mining, but don’t feel like you have to read everything to confidently express your desire for a Gasfield Free Northern Rivers!

Fill out the lobby register to provide feedback

After you’ve met with your MP, fill out the form below so that we have a record of your lobbying efforts. This will assist us in evaluating the effectiveness of our collective lobbying efforts and help us to assess MP’s responses and build an effective campaign in the lead up to the state election.

Thank you!

Lobby register

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Type of Action
 Letter Call Visit

Date of Visit or Letter

Name of the MP


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