Can Retainers Help Straighten Teeth

Can Retainers Help Straighten Teeth. It’s the only way to keep your teeth from shifting back into their natural position because of their elastic memory. As the name implies, a retainer “retains” the progress that has already been made in.

Fixed & Removable Retainers Total Orthodontics
Fixed & Removable Retainers Total Orthodontics from

Make sure your retainer fits ideally. Fortunately, you can straighten your teeth without braces by using our invisible aligners. But in order for retainers to do their job without causing damage to the teeth, they must fit perfectly, as they did when the braces were first removed.

In This Post, We’re Going To Show You What Retainers Do And Why You Must Keep Wearing Them.

As a general rule, retainers are not a device used to take corrective action in teeth. If you haven't been wearing it, you're teeth would have definitely shifted. Afterward, the newsmile professionals will make your unnoticeable retainers and aligners.

Can Retainers Straighten Or Realign Your Teeth?

That old retainer gathering dust in your bathroom could help to straighten your teeth. If you’ve had your teeth straightened, wearing your dental retainers regularly will help keep your teeth straight. If you’ve neglected to wear a retainer right after the brackets are taken off, you’ll want to research your options before your teeth have moved too much.

Your Teeth Continue To Shift Slightly Throughout Your Life.

Can a retainer help straighten your teeth. To understand how retainers can fix crooked teeth, we have to take a moment to consider what a retainer is. Below is some useful information about how a retainer can help with a slight shift of your teeth.

Retainers Help Prevent Your Teeth From Shifting Position After Your Orthodontic Appliance (Like Braces) Has Been Removed.

You should wear a retainer every night to prevent your teeth from shifting. Can a retainer help straighten your teeth. After an orthodontic treatment, it is customary for patients to wear retainers.

You May Want To Check With Your Dentist On The Fit, And If You Need New Ones, They Can Always Be Made To Your Current Position.

Retainers help stabilize teeth while the bones set to ensure the newly acquired perfectly aligned teeth stay put. Retainers can straighten your teeth but not in the way you are hoping. Alignerco is our # 1 suggestion for anyone looking for the most budget friendly clear aligner treatment available.

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