Did Basil Help Sunny Kill Mari

Did Basil Help Sunny Kill Mari. Why does omori kill basil? As shown in his confrontation with sunny in their boss battle towards the bad or good ending to the story.

Omori, but Sunny and Mari play different instruments [MS
Omori, but Sunny and Mari play different instruments [MS from

I’ll write about why i don’t think basil is this dark yandere intentionally manipulating sunny into dependance on him.basil is a tragic character with bad abandonment issues who legitimately wants to help the people he loves most.aubrey’s hot temper doesn’t help either and so even though she manages to be. Problem is, as usual for the genre, everything is fine and dandy when plot builds suspence. He was so protective of sunny, that he was almost willing to go to any lengths to keep sunny out of harms way or blame.

Three Years Later, Her Parents Had Her Little Brother, Sunny.the Two Grew Up In Faraway Next To Kel's Family.she Used To Play Softball Before Suffering From A Permanent Knee Injury.

When sunny is confronted by mari, he accidentally shoves her down the stairs and kills her. Out of the group, he was the only one to have that relationship with him i think. Partly because he helped sunny fake mari's suicide in order to protect his friend.

On The Day Of The Recital, Basil Came To Sunny's House, Only To Witness Sunny Becoming Frustrated And Throwing His Violin, Causing It To Break.

In this ending, after giving up during the omori fight, sunny would fall into omori's arms and fade away, resulting in omori taking over sunny's body. Sunny created omori and the dream world shortly after killing mari as a coping/defense mechanism since he was dissociating so heavily. Mari with sunny and their parents.

This Is Our First Page Dedicated To A Specific Route, The Normal One, And Will Be Covering All Of The Events That Happen In The Second Chapter Of The Game:

Initially, he believes that she is. As for the dynamic between sunny, omori and basil i had the impression that omori was the lie and basil represented the truth. He's called omori because that was the word/brand on mari's piano.

This Is The Character Page For The Cast Of Omori, As Seen By Their Interactions In.

Basil's something, similar to something, is the representation of basil's guilt for helping sunny frame mari's accidental murder as a suicide. Basil has become a stepford smiler in deep denial, to the point he has become convinced that a monster (something) was responsible for killing mari and everything else bad that happens. She was friends with hero and later became friends.

As Shown In His Confrontation With Sunny In Their Boss Battle Towards The Bad Or Good Ending To The Story.

Hi ppl its me im backyes sunny did kill mari in the cannon au(omori) so the start is kinda to obvious bc they fight upstairs near the stairs in the cannon au. • because you were nice to me — basil was really thankful to sunny and their friends for letting him join their friend group. • a friend in need — in both headspace and in real life, basil tried to help sunny throughout the game to accept mari’s death.

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