Does Tea Tree Oil Help Nose Piercing Bump

Does Tea Tree Oil Help Nose Piercing Bump. Just sharing my own experience: I've heard that tea tree oil can help a bump go down, but i've also heard that it can just irritate it more.

Tea Tree Oil for Piercings Effect on Bumps, Keloids
Tea Tree Oil for Piercings Effect on Bumps, Keloids from

Not just tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is outdated advice and harmful to piercings/wounds. Hi idkanymorew, welcome to r/piercing!

Essential Oils Are Too Harsh For Piercings.

I've had a helix piercing for about nine months, and it's had a bump for about 2 months now after i accidentally irritated it. Been using antibacterial soap, h2o ocean spray and called the piercer and told me to try tea tree oil so started that yesterday. I do know it is super harsh when undiluted though and a lot of people react to it.

Some Sources Suggest That It Can Help With Piercings And Keloid Scars.

Why does my piercing bump keep coming back? An irritation bump is a symptom. Are nose piercing bumps permanent?

Apply Diluted Tea Tree Oil.

They are very concentrated and cause things such as blisters, redness, burning, and irritation. I had a bump on the side of my nostril piercing (as is common). This means that it draws moisture out from the cells that are exposed to it.

4 Reasons Not To Use Tea Tree Oil On Piercings:

Putting tea tree oil on these piercing bumps will only make your piercing worse. I've been cleaning it twice a day with saline solution, but the bump still hasn't gone down. This is for all essential oils.

Piercing Bump And Tea Tree Oil:

I did some research just to make sure, and i saw a post from 6 years about tea tree oil being used and a few articles online confirming (or not) the uses of it for. The white skin is probably nothing to worry about at this stage, it is possible it is a reaction to the tea tree so definitely stop using it. Don’t use tea tree oil.

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