Does Tea Tree Oil Help Piercings Heal

Does Tea Tree Oil Help Piercings Heal. Some piercers have recommended it to minimize the appearance of hypertrophic scarring or pustules. Tea tree oil isn't a good choice as aftercare for a fresh piercing, asides from the fact that when used neat it can cause discomfort it will interrupt the healing process, it can be used for healed piercings though.

Tea Tree Oil for Piercings Effect on Bumps, Keloids
Tea Tree Oil for Piercings Effect on Bumps, Keloids from

Tea tree oil helps piercing heal faster. What does tea tree oil do for piercings: Tea tree oil also helps in getting rid of dandruff, and as well preventing the occurrence and growth of periodontal diseases.

When Utilizing Tea Tree Oil, It Is Important To Be Patient And Persistent.

It may also help to reduce keloid scars surrounding piercings, according to some sources. The oil can be used on piercings that become inflamed. Topically applied tea tree oil is considered safe for most people.

How Long Does It Take For Tea Tree Oil To Heal A Piercing Bump?

Tea tree oil is a safe and effective aftercare treatment for healing piercings. Another unique benefit of using tea tree oil to clean the wounds is that it provides with a supportive surface and assists in avoiding infection, works as excellent antiseptic and also enhances the healing potential. However, while we have found it to be really beneficial on inflammatory piercings and healing bumps, it will take time and continuous aftercare to notice any significant improvements.

This Means That Tea Tree Oil Is Likely Safe To Use On The External Area Around Most Face And Body Piercings.

You can make a healing tea tree oil ointment to help treat a mild daith piercing infections. Research has shown that it helps reduce inflammation by triggering the activity of white blood cells which are instrumental for a successful recovery process. Tea tree oil has a drying action on the skin which is why it is great for acne.

Sea Salt Is Widely Used As A Curative.

Tea tree oil is derived from tea trees in australia. When to use tea tree oil. The tea tree oil can be very helpful in easing and reducing the skin around the piercings.

A Stud Nose Ring May Irritate Your Skin.

In addition to preventing infection in cuts and abrasions, tea tree oil may also encourage faster wound healing. It helps in preventing infections after piercing. However, tea tree oil should only be used as directed.

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