How To Kill Alira After Helping Her

How To Kill Alira After Helping Her. 6% increased attack and cast speed, 3% chance to dodge attacks, 6% increased movement speed. All good i found her and now she dead.

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The game now gives me the choice to kill her or join her in exchange of some buffs. Last edited by aussie_bum on oct 12, 2013, 8:36:56 am. 5 mana regenerated per second, +20% to global critical strike multiplier, +15% to all elemental resistances.helping kraityn grants:

But I Wouldn't Beat Yourself Up Over It.

Last edited by aussie_bum on oct 12, 2013, 8:36:56 am. Which i need right now. 40 grants a passive skill refund point right click on this item to use it.

Book Of Reform Is The Name Shared By Four Different Quest Items Which Can Be Used To Alter The Reward Claimed From The Quest Deal With The Is Gained By Vendoring 20 Orbs Of Regret Orb Of Regret Stack Size:

The player's task is to defeat alira's rivals, kraityn and oak. If all you have left is kill oak it may be because you already killed kraityn and alira. All good i found her and now she dead.

But I Went To Kill Her But She (Or Someone) Killed Me And Now I Cant Find Her Edit:

I saw online that killing all of them should grant me with 3 exp points, but first of all, i don't really like to kill friendly npcs, and second, the buffs she gives me looks good for my character (i'm a necromancer witch) what. I'm doing the bandids quest, and i found one of the three i have to kill, alira. Kraityn is at the broken bridge and alira is in the woods that connects to the spider den.

Advice Wanted Please, Help Alira Or Kill Her ?

Whereas i have absolutely no idea what the old man will give me for killing all three. Alira is a unique bandit located in the western forest.defeating her is part of the quest deal with the bandits, the bandit lord kraityn or the bandit lord o. I've just managed to make it to alira, who has presented me with a conundrum:

Most People Chose To Help Alira Because She Gives An Elemental Resist Bonus, Which Is A Big Deal Because Later In The Game You Get Permanent Elemental Resist Penalties.

The number seems so small. Do neither, just go up to her, make her a cup of tea, and type /dance and have a dancing tea party with her and her minions instead. Advice wanted please, help alira or kill her ?

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