Why Did The Third Hokage Not Help Naruto

Why Did The Third Hokage Not Help Naruto. Third fire shadow) of konohagakure. Naruto is the son of the fourth hokage and having killed countless enemies in the third shinobi war, the revelation that naruto was minatos son would put him at risk.

In which episode does Kakashi hokage? Quora
In which episode does Kakashi hokage? Quora from

Like mentioned, there was an episode where he gave an envelope of money to naruto, and we always saw flashbacks of them together, on top the hokage mountain. Viral tweet sparks debate over the third hokage's letdown. I think the 3rd knew he wasn't necessarily meant for the hokage job, hence his willingness to abdicate in favor of minato.

Or At Least Hire 2 Trust Worthy People To Raise Naruto.

Thanks to the actions of obito uchiha, kushina and minato had little time with their save the lives of not just naruto but the entire leaf village, the fourth hokage and the former jinchuriki had to sacrifice. Why didn't the third hokage take care of naruto. Well, for much of the series, naruto would have you believe it was for some selfish desire.

The Third Hokages Reasoning Was To Hide Naruto’s Identity.

Still, the third hokage took steps to protect naruto from the threat of. Tell him stories of the 4th and his sacrifice, etc. That's crazy, that means the third outright abandoned the child he swore to raise, that minato and kushina died protecting.

A Disciple Of The Village's Two Previous Hokage, Hiruzen Was A Powerful Ninja, Hailed As A God Of Shinobi.

So you mean that the first hokage didn't die at old age because he was also revived at his prime age. Viral tweet sparks debate over the third hokage's letdown. Hiruzen sarutobi (猿飛ヒルゼン, sarutobi hiruzen) was the third hokage (三代目火影, sandaime hokage, literally meaning:

It Just Doens't Make Any Sense Unless The Third Had Something Against Naruto's Parents And Wanted Naruto To Really Be An Outcast.

Third fire shadow) of konohagakure. So why would the third hokage not try and do the same and protect and train naruto? If people would have found out you were my son… you would have been in danger.” oh, and hiruzen was also a cold hearted bastard who gave his okay to genocide of a.

Why Didn't The Third Hokage Tell Everyone Naruto Was Minato's Son?

To me, sasuke should’ve been the one the entire village hated because of the suspicion. Hiruzen could’ve made naruto stay in his house with the sarutobi family but he didn’t, and when you think of it, it would’ve made a difference, like i said, hiruzen was probably thinking of the future, the fact that there were people like danzo, the akatsuki and what not, in that sense, i gusss it’s understandable why hiruzen might’ve. Fancystopperman 2 years ago #1 i keep hearing that hiruzen did it to protect him but he did a s***ty job at that.

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