Why Did Wan Shi Tong Help Unalaq

Why Did Wan Shi Tong Help Unalaq. I could just stay in here forever, reading. jinora said. This did not work, but his ally, wan shi tong, informed him that jinora was in his library, and unalaq captured her as a way to lure out korra.

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They failed, and unalaq attempted his desperate plan b: The library holds the secret to defeating the fire nation. It did a lot to mess with established characters lore and introduced one of the most annoying and forgettable villains in the series, unalaq, with his creepy obsession with the spirit world.

The Owl Spirit Is Clearly Against Using Knowledge…

To me it's pretty clear: Enter the southern portal to access the spirit world, then try and unlock the northern portal from the inside. Wan shi tong, which is translated as he who knows ten thousand things, is the spirit of knowledge and an influental figure in the world of avatar:

The Last Airbender And A Minor Antagonist Of Season 2 Of Legend Of Korra.

Wan shi tong was an asshole who’s whole statement was “humans just find ways to destroy another” but then his bitch ass is ready to kill anyone and he was quick to betray jinora and then he wanna bitch about “you humans are all the same” he just as bad bruh like i get you’re mad ppl misuse your info to hurt ppl but you’re just as worse as them. Sokka especially was intent on finding out any weaknesses his enemies might have, but this was the reason why wan shi tong buried it in the first place. Wan shi tong, for all his knowledge, is known to be quite gullible and arrogant.

He Wanted To Share Knowledge With The World, But Was Rewarded With The Destruction And Thievery Of His Source Material.

When wan shi tong told me he had a visitor, i had to see it with my own eyes. A particularly spiritual man, he briefly served as korra's spiritual mentor until her discovery of his. While wan shi tong claims unalaq is a good friend amongst all spirits, unalaq just has an affinity with them, and is pretty much using a façade on them considering how easily fooled wan shi tong can be and that unalaq's friendship with them is a facade.

Wan Shi Tong, How Can You Be Helping Him?

Thats when wong shi tong arrived and landed in front of her. While many spirits stay in the spirit world and others visit the human world to protect certain environments or traditions, wan shi tong seems to have a far more. Betrayed pure good are the ones who are or have been betrayed in a.

I Can't Believe Tenzin Sent His Daughter Here Instead Of Coming Here Himself.

He hated aang and his crew, lmao. While learning that vaatu's seal can indeed be broken if both portals are opened during harmonic convergence, jinora learns that. How did unalaq get into wan shi tong's library?

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