Will Seafoam Help With Rough Idle

Will Seafoam Help With Rough Idle. When your tank low (1/8 full or so), add 2 cans of sea foam high mileage to the fuel. When it starts, it sputters and puffs black smoke for about 2 minutes before going into a smooth idle and being usable.

How To fix Rough Idle with SeaFoam Treatment (Video 2 of 3
How To fix Rough Idle with SeaFoam Treatment (Video 2 of 3 from

My 4.0 zj has 108,000 and im looking to sea foam. Swap plugs around to see if fault moves with the plug if it does replace plug(s) part 37 is the thermostat, 101 is the pressure relief valve. Any help would be apriciated.

Posting My Results In Hopes It Will Help Someone Else Down The Road.

Take the pt to my mechanic and have brake service + fuel system cleaning done. Jul 23, 2008 #2 re: Demonstrating how to add the sea foam to the brake booster vacuum line on 2003 toyota corolla*broke up seafoam video into 3 short videos rather than one long.

As Your Car Or Truck Gets Older And Accumulates Miles, You Might Notice That It Doesn’t Fire Up And Idle As Well As It Used To.

Do i just take the air intake hose off the throttle body and pour some seafoam into the. High mileage can also be used as a fuel stabilizer for vehicles that aren. Then start the engine and let it warm up to operating temperature.

Most Idle Issues In Carburetor Intake Engines Are Caused By Varnish Fouling.

The sea foam can says i can add 2. Hey, got this jeep liberty at the auction, and it was misfiring, i replaced coil and spark plug. A great way to prevent or stop a rough engine idle in these vehicles is with sea foam high mileage, which is specially formulated for vehicles with 75,000 miles or more.

With That In Mind I Decided To Added The Seafoam To The Gas Tank Rather Than Directly To Combustion Chamber Via The Brake Booster Vacuum Tube.

Sea foam spray is used by inserting the included application hose and patented “hook tool” into the air intake, just in front of the throttle plates, in the throttle body. If you have a varnish problem then sea foam will help get things back to normal! Anyways, i would like to try seafoam first.

Is It Worth Even Doing?

So far check engine light has not come on. Joined aug 2, 2014 · 6 posts. I have been fighting hard starts and rough idling on my lawn mower.

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